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Fouque Santons

The Santons Fouque 2 cm and 4 cm are not online, but we are enable to order them and any products from the Fouque factory. For that you can write to:


A story, a family, an expertise…

The house of Fouque, created in 1934, have perpetuated their traditional expertise for three generations:
- Jean-Baptiste Fouque
- Paul Fouque
- Mireille Fouque

The models are always made from a piece of pure clay, and are entirely handcrafted.
Over the years, the Fouque family have made more than 2,000 different models, making theirs the most important collection in the world.
Since the 19th century, the house of Fouque have handed their unique and ancestral expertise down from father to son and daughter, all the while respecting the strictest Provençal traditions of santon making.

Santon Making:
A first model is created by hand. It is used as a model for one or several moulds that are made for the manufacturing of Christmas crib figures. The santon figure is then assembled, retouched and smoothed.

After a drying period, the santon is fired in an kiln at 960 °C. Finally, the clay santons are decorated with oil paint.

Every year new models are made according to the same methods that have been used for two centuries.

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